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Electric Savings for Residents

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Ashurst is a Grange managed retirement development in Epsom consisting of 30 private leasehold flats for people of retirement age.

In 2012, communal electricity bills at Ashurst were incredibly high, in excess of £6,000 a year, being paid for by the residents through monthly service charges. It became clear that the lighting in the communal corridors was the main source of the costs. The traditional bulbs were costly to run and replace with much of their energy outlay being heat, rather than light. The bulbs would become so hot that temperatures on the top floor surpassed 90 degrees in the summer months, having a detrimental effect on retired residents.

Resident Grange Scheme Manager, Gail Forrest, worked with lighting contractors DH Group to find a solution.A programme to change all the corridor lights to LED illumination - a more energy efficient, long lasting and much cheaper alternative to traditional bulbs - was agreed. The new LED lighting system would also be on motion-sensor, eliminating the need for lights to be constantly on, drastically cutting down heat output.

Due to the substantial cost of the project, Gail liaised with the leaseholders who agreed to the roll out of a 5 year programme of works to complete the changeover. DH Group completed the works in 2017 by prioritising the top floor and working their way down to the ground floor of the retirement development.

The corridors are now much cooler, and more energy efficient. As a result, residents have benefitted from a 90% reduction in their communal electricity bill, with costs falling from £6,100 in 2012 to £815 in September 2017, a saving of over £180 per year, per resident - a very significant saving for the retirees within the development.

This is one of many similar projects undertaken each year by Grange Property Management in order to save money for residents, and improve the environment they live in.

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