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As members of the Association of Retirement Housing Managers and advocates of its strict Code of Practice, we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional service through our scheme managers and field-based regional managers, leaving our clients free to enjoy their retirement.

We work hard to ensure high levels of satisfaction are achieved for our retirement clients. We work with Residents Associations, Right to Manage Directors and Resident Management Companies.

Our services include:

  • Ground rent and service charge collection
  • Client service charge account management
  • Credit control - debt recovery and arrears management
  • Setting service charge budgets and regular expenditure reporting
  • Production, certification and distribution of year end service charge accounts
  • Compliance on health and safety matters including fire and risk assessment, asbestos, mechanical and electrical plant etc
  • Consulting and advising on lease matters
  • Managing house keeping contracts e.g. cleaning / gardening / window cleaning
  • Managing reactive repairs
  • Planning and advice on long term projects
  • Administration of section 20 consultation
  • Setting specifications and negotiating competitive service contracts on plant
  • Ensuring lessees are compliant with the lease terms
  • Managing lessee applications for alterations
  • Competitive insurance procurement and revaluation work
  • Economy of scale procurement - providing best value
  • Approved contractors list
  • Arranging company secretarial service
  • Employment, management and training of development Scheme Managers

Scheme Managers

We work closely with our Right to Manage or Resident Management Company Director clients to understand their staffing requirements. Under our management, all Scheme Managers are closely supported by Regional Managers and follow the strict code of conduct as set out by the Association of Retirement Housing Managers.

Gardening services

One of the many contracts we manage on our clients’ schemes is the requirement for gardening/landscaping. We ensure our clients’ receive best value for money to achieve a welcoming and attractive environment in which to live.

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Tailored Service

We know that every scheme and every client is different, which is why we work with each one to provide a bespoke service to suit both budget and requirements. From the ‘day-to-day’ services to bigger projects such as managing repairs and redecoration, we’re here to help.

Code of Practice

As members of the Association of Retirement Housing Managers (ARHM), we adhere to its Code of Practice, which sets out the statutory obligations that apply to the management of leasehold properties, as well as the additional requirements which should be followed as a matter of good practice.

Legal requirements

Our services also include Company Secretarial work, consulting and advising on lease matters, and procuring insurance for our customers.

Case Studies

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Riverbourne Court, Sittingbourne

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